About Jai

J A ï Kapadia is a Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty Photographer and Production Artist in Soho. 

           From a baby, she has lived in and traveled to many countries in our world.  Has always been exposed to many different countries, cultures,and environments.  As a v. young child, she was raised to cherish many different styles of languages, music, food, and fashion.  As all these various amazing new things  became initially  introduced to her, she was mesmerized of the splendid wonder of it all! She quickly absorbed whatever bits and pieces of each of these elements, experimented with , and  learned many new things.  She collected many fond memories growing up. She held onto many of these elements deep within her heart & soul, of these various cultures and styles which she found joy in and appreciated  in order to become her very  own. 

 She was always interested in the Arts of many types of media,  always dabbled and experimented in various types .